William C.C. Chen’s
Body Mechanics of Tai Chi Chuan

Unique footage of Grandmaster William C.C. Chen explaining about his widely acclaimed system of ‘Body Mechanics’.

Have inside information directly from one of the world’s greatest tai chi teachers!


Grandmaster William Chi-Cheng Chen has studied tai chi chuan for over 60 years creating his widely acclaimed system of “Body Mechanics“, looking at the effective application of tai chi chuan as both a realistic system of self-defense and health maintenance.

He had the unique distinction of being an 'indoor' student of Great-Grandmaster Professor Cheng Man-Ching living and training in his home.


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William CC Chen demonstrates tai chi chuan with partner exercise

Use as ‘reference book’ !  


As special feature the DVD contains an unique interactive keyword index. To use the DVD as kind of "reference book" simply pick the aspect you are interested in, and a click on each of the dots behind the keyword gets you to a different part of the DVD dealing with this topic.


After the excerpt is finished you automatically will be redirected to the keyword menu again.


The DVD contains 14 chapters.

The practice of ‘Body Mechanics’ .

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DVD William CC Chen a workshop documentation

Principles of ‘Body Mechanics’ explained.

William CC Chen explaines principles on DVD

The DVD’s interactive keyword index.

DVD William CC Chen 39,99 USD
DVD William CC Chen 39,99 USD

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This DVD represents the Essence of Grandmaster Chen's work showcasing all aspects of his training systems which includes Hand Form, Push Hands, Applications, Tai Chi Boxing and his innovative concepts of  3 Nails, 3 Fingers and Chi Passage.


This workshop documentation DVD offers 14 chapters:


Tai Chi-Form Excerpt, Introduction Body Mechanics, Feet, Knees, Sung Kua, Upper Body Aspects, Fingers (3 is more than 5), Compression, Spirals, Breathing, Mental Aspects, Push Hands, Applications and Tai Chi Boxing.

Other extra’s are:


Trailer show

Image slideshow


William CC Chen's DVD chapter index

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William CC Chen's DVD keyword index
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Buy William C.C. Chen Body Mechanics DVD

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